The Benefits Oat Milk Coffee For Athletes
December 2, 2020

The Beyond Moo Oat Milk Cold Brew beverages were designed with athletes in mind. Coffee contains caffeine which is a stimulant known to be an ergogenic aid, meaning it is a performance enhancing drug.

A variety of studies have shown that athletes who have ingested caffeine prior to physical activity see massive improvements in performance compared to completing the same activity with no caffeine, or a placebo. The evidence points to caffeine having even more beneficial effects on performance for athletes who specialize in a sport.  Caffeine has also been shown to delay the feeling of fatigue for athletes involved in endurance sports.

Don’t forget about the obvious, and important benefits of staying hydrated by drinking Beyond Moo Oat Milk beverages before or after exercising.  Instead of drinking a sports drink that’s loaded with extra calories and sugar, the Beyond Moo Oat Milk Cold Brew beverage is a low sugar, refreshing drink that provides necessary nutrients like protein, salt and water to keep you hydrated and recharged for your workout and whatever the day may bring you.

Drinking the Beyond Moo Oat Milk Cold Brew beverage before exercising will help you perform better, getting you the results, you want as an athlete.

The Benefits Oat Milk Coffee For Athletes<br>December 2, 2020

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