Oat-Based Milk, Yogurt, & Kefir

Oat-based kefir, yogurt
and spreads

Delicious & creamy oat-based yogurt, spreads, and cultured kefir.
Our Oat-Based Products
Oat-based yogurt, milk and kefir is gluten free, no GMO, plant-based, and more.
Delicious and creamy oat-based yogurt, spreads, and cultured kefir using Canadian oats.
Oat-Based Milk, Kefir, Yogurt, and Spreads that are gluten free, GMP, Vegan, Dairy Free, and Plant Based.

Milk, without
the moo

Beyond Moo products sit on table including, oat based yogurt, oat-based kefir, with products that are local, clean, non-go, free from pesticides and chemicals.
The Story Behind Beyond Moo Foods, Oat Milk and plant-based products.
Oat-Based and Plant-Based Products, Kefir, OATgurt by Beyond Moo Foods.
Beyond Moo Foods Blog

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Find oat-based yogurts, kefir, and spread at these stores, Sobeys, Nature's Emporium, nutters, Whole Foods, and more!
Oat-based kefir, yogurt, and spreads.

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