Delicious and Clean Label!

Beyond Moo makes delicious all natural,oat-based products

We are the oat experts! Try our oat milk, oat yogurt, oat kefir and oat cream cheese and see for yourself how delicious and nutritious our products are.

Our plant-based, clean label products are Non-GMO, free of dairy, nuts and soy and have no gums, preservatives colourings or flavour.

We stand for quality, health, and positive impact!

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Locally Sourced Oat Products

We believe in sourcing locally to support small businesses to make the more natural, fresh oat products

Beyond Moo is the only brand in Canada a full range of oat-based products that includes oatmilk yogurt, kefir and creamy spread.


Our products are Made in Canada from locally sourced ingredients

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Customized Oat Packages

Beyond Moo creates customized packages for you to enjoy all of our oat-based products

Select from four customized alternatives:

• Bundle of Joy

• Happy Family

• Everything

• Go Big!

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